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Vision Technology.

Nothing should escape the driver’s view

After more than ten years of research and road testing, we created a digital mirror system that combines high performance cameras with a suite of intelligent monitoring technologies. Day or night, rain or shine, the driver can have absolute access to the world around them.


Mobility living spaces

Our customers’ creativity has changed the way we think about car interiors, and we are proud to empower them with our innovations. Our expertise and technologies help us create new ways to surprise, delight and assist car occupants in collaboration with the world’s most respected automotive brands.

Intuitive HMI.

Function without compromise

Our innovations free designers to discreetly integrate technology into surfaces. We are proud to work with customers to create environments that are empathic to occupants, delivering functionality that doesn’t compromise exterior design or interior comfort.


The future is smart and active

Our customers believe that every surface presents an opportunity to enhance their users’ mobility experience. Surface advancements are already delivering comfort. Now we’re exploring new ways to reduce emissions and consumption through active aerodynamics via morphable surfaces.

Wireless Technology.

Smart Power

Our customers require increased flexibility in wiring systems. In addition to delivering wireless data, we’re working on delivering power over the air to a wide range of devices.

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Innovation for the better

We are proud to develop advanced technologies for applications beyond mobility. Our work in healthcare supports a range of solutions from cancer detection to jetlag treatment.

We are developing next generation innovations through our partnership with space technology pioneer Myriota. Our production scale is realising the potential of nano-satellite technologies through the manufacture of the Myriota Module, a solution that securely transfers data to a network of satellites from anywhere on the planet.


Lorum ipsum

We have ambitious growth and expansion plans. And we are looking for motivated and creative people in multiple focus areas in countries around the globe.